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Gnome Bee Wreath Kit #3

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Carol Ripley

WOW Not surprised this is sold out. GREAT price and quality sign, ribbon and mesh. So happy I was able to get one.

Gnome Bee Wreath Kit #3

What’s Included In This Kit:

1 – Paper printouts of a suggestion on how you can make a wreath with this kit and where you can find a video of a demonstration of this wreath being made with this kit.

1 - 12” Round, MDF Sign, Welcome to Our Hive, Black, Yellow, White

1 - 24” Elevated Work Wreath Form, 18 Ties attached, (8 Ties on Top and 10 Ties on Bottom, Color White (The actual outer ring of the work wreath form is 16” diameter but with the ties makes it a 24” wreath form).

1 - 2.5” x 10 Yards, Gnomes W/Bees, Wired Ribbon, RGE115427

1 - 1.5” x 10 Yards, Daisy on Faux Royal, Black, Yellow, Orange, White, Wired Ribbon, RGC17390

2 Rolls - 10” x 10 Yards, Wide Stripe Fabric Mesh, Yellow, Black, RY8314F4

 ✂️🧰 Supplies you might need for your wreath-making toolbox: *You can find supplies at many craft stores, hardware stores, or Amazon.

*Cable Tie Mounts (you can glue these to the back of your sign so you can add the ties, chenille stems, or floral wire to them to be able to attach your sign to the work wreath form).

*Or, a staple gun with staples. Make sure you get staples that will not go through your sign. The staples I have are 3/8” but a smaller depth would be better (You can staple chenille stems to the back of a wooden sign and then attach them to the work wreath form).  (Hardware store or Amazon)

* Some type of good bonding glue for the cable tie mounts to the sign. Examples, are Gorilla Glue, E6000, and Hot Glue. (Hardware Store, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon).

*Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners) used for various crafting projects, also used to attach signs for wreaths. (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)

*Zip Ties, are helpful to have. Many uses for them. Can use them if a tie comes off the wreath form, it can be placed back on with the help of a zip tie. Also, can be used to hold the center of mesh curls. (Hardware store or Amazon)

*A SHARP rotary cutter. Used for cutting fabrics and deco mesh. (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)

*A good pair of sharp scissors, only to be used for cutting ribbons.  (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)

* A good pair of hand-held wire cutters. Used to cut floral wire, Chenille Stems, Floral Stems, Cutting the ties down on wreath forms and zip ties. (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)

* A 24” x 36” cutting mat. Used to cut your mesh or fabrics. (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)