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Flamingo Wreath KIT, Be Flamazing, Flamingos, Tropical, Floral, Plaid, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Kit #6

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Flamazing Flamingo

Thank you an amazing kit, I absolutely love the sign, great quality. I swapped out one of the ribbon and added some greenery.

Your Wreath is Beautiful!! Thank you, Felecia!

What’s Included in This Kit:
1 - Paper printouts on how I made my wreath with this kit. Will email a PDF copy upon request. You can make your wreath just like I have or however, you would like. This is your wreath kit to do what you wish with the wreath you make from it, whether that is to keep, gift, or sell your wreath.

1 - 10” Round, UV-protected lightweight metal sign, Be Flamazing. (No Holes).

1 - Navy OR White, Work Wreath Form, Elevated, 13" Wire Frame, 16 sets of pencil ties, 7 tie sets on the top ring, and 9 tie sets on the bottom ring. Makes Up To 20" or 22” Wreath.
*Please note that the ties on the top and bottom of this wreath form are not even numbers.

1 - 2.5” x 10 Yards, Flamingo on Royal, Wired Ribbon, Canvas, Turquoise, Pink, Black. (If making your wreath like mine, you will have 4.66 yards of ribbon left over).

1 - 1.5” x 5 Yards (Not on a spool), Yellow, Cornelia Plaid Canvas Wired Ribbon, Yellow, Lime, Fuchsia. (If making your wreath like mine, you will have 2.33 yards of ribbon left over).

1 - 1.5” x 5 Yards (Not on a spool), Watercolor Flowers, Canvas, Wired Ribbon, Green, Pink, White, Purple, Blue. (If making your wreath like mine, you will have 2.33 yards of ribbon left over).

1 Roll - 10” x 10 Yards, Check Fabric Mesh, Faux Jute, Hot Pink, Fresh Green, RY8320B2

✂️🧰 Supplies you might need for this wreath kit: *You can find supplies at many craft stores, hardware stores, or Amazon.

*Small metal hole puncher, used to punch holes in your metal sign. Also known as Jewelry hole punchers, Euro Punch, or Hole Punch Pliers. I use a Euro Punch, round 1.25 mm that I purchased off Amazon. 1.25 mm is a very small hole but I can run floral wire through to hang my sign, but might not want to go smaller. There are also 1.5” mm available on Amazon as well.

*Floral Wire. This is used to go through the holes in the sign to hang on your wreath. You can also use Pipe Cleaners / Chenille Stems.

*A SHARP rotary cutter. Used for cutting deco mesh. Having a sharp rotary helps the mesh to fray less.

*A good pair of sharp scissors, only to be used for cutting ribbons.

* A good pair of hand-held wire cutters. Used to cut floral wire, Chenille Stems, Floral Stems, and cutting the ties down on wreath forms.

* A 24” x 36” cutting mat. Used to cut your mesh.